To My Ever Loving Husband

(Las Vegas, NV)



Dear Husband – I could start with the cliché of, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” But I assure you that if I ever did it we’d be here forever. Often I have tried to think of the things I could do or say that could fully express the love I have for you, only to fall short of expressing of all that's in my heart.

Our love was something that took us both by surprise – neither of us ready for what life threw at us when we came together. However, here we are, still in love.

Since we’ve been together my life seems so much clearer and happier. Being with you has given my life a focus and allowed me to grow beyond my difficult past and into the wife, and mother, that I am.

Without you in my life I am not sure how I would have been able to get through this past year without your support. I cannot imagine living a life without you by my side.

Together I feel as if we are the perfect pair; only you can still love me despite all the crazy things I do. And raising our children together has only helped me find a deeper love and respect for you.

It doesn’t matter where we go together, our connection allows us to silently communicate as if we could read one anothers mind. Other people have noticed it too, and I feel it only serves as further proof that our love was meant to be.

I hope that this letter expresses a tiny fraction of the love I have for you.

With All My Heart,
Your Wife

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