To you from me

by Mese

Hello Bay,

I'm sitting here thinking about us - about how we had our first dinner, together..and how we spent our first night making love. Wow!

Sometimes I feel like we are never going to see each other again, but I hope i'm wrong; but if I'm not you'd be honest enough too tell me... wouldn't you?

Brence, I know we didn't have many special times together because we weren't together for very long. Frankly, we got bored with each other and things fell apart.

But, will you please help me and mend the broken parts - yours with mine? It would be a delight..or if I need to I'll knocked myself back to being a distant friend you can tell me that, too. I love honesty and can deal with it.

Well, I'm feeling a little insecure right now. So, I'll sign off and wait for your return note, email,text or something ... tty-soon


Lanard's Response Hi Mese, how does this song work for you? It's called "Every Time You Go Away", by Hall and Oates. It's not their most popular version, but I think you'll like it anyway. They're one of my favorite bands and have been putting out terrific love songs for a while. Enjoy and I hope you get what you want! Lanard

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