Under the Apple Tree - A Memory Tree Story

by Ben
(Abilene, KS)

When my wife died two years ago, it left me a complete and utter mess. I don’t remember much about the funeral service, the wake or really anything in the few months after it. I was in such a complete state of shock and disbelief that I sort of drifted through life, letting others make decisions for me.

Then one day, and I can remember it clearly, I got a knock on the door, and there stood my two best friends in the world, with their wives next to them, and in their hands was an apple sapling.

Apple trees had always been my wife’s favourite, as she grew up near an orchard in Iowa, and spent her summer vacations picking and playing amongst the trees.

We had planned to set up our own orhard in our backyard, but then the cancer struck and we lost focus on it. Without saying more than a hello, I led my friends out back, and we set to digging a hole for the tree, and their wives helped us to plant it and dig it in.

Now it’s in its first flowering year, and I sit on my deck looking at the tree, and thinking of my wife, and how lucky I am to have such caring friends.

Lanard's Comments: Giving Memorial Trees as Condolence Sympathy Gifts is increasing in popularity. Fruit bearing trees are popular on may accounts; beauty, shade and of course the fruit they bear.

However, there are lots of other popular trees - like Japanese Red Leaf Maples, Colorado Blue Spruce, Deodara Cedar, Chinese Dogwood, Northern Red Oak, Pin Oak, Sweetgum, Green Leaf Japanese Maple, and Austrian Pines.

Memorial Trees are meaningful gifts for any occasion (weddings, birthdays), and are especially comforting when sent as a gift to honor a life.

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