Unique Gift Basket - Giving a Gift Basket of Love

My friend recently lost her mother and needless to say she was very saddened. I'd been away on vacation when I heard the news and felt bad that I couldn't be with her.

However, I knew I had to do something for her to show that I was there for her no matter what...and that was to send a Sympathy Gift Basket.

So I went to many different stores, finding flowers, chocolates, a stuffed toy, candles, bath products and perfume. I then went to get a large gift basket, big enough to fill with all the goodies I had picked out for her. I decorated it with tissue paper, ribbon, a name tag, and a lovely card telling her how much I felt for her and how I was always there if she needed a shoulder to lean on.

I sent the basket the same day I bought all the supplies and she received it two days later.
She called me, crying, telling me how grateful she was I went through all the trouble of getting her all those things.

I told her it was no problem and I was just hoping it would make her feel better. She was extremely happy and loved all the presents I gave her. I felt relieved and comforted to know that I made a difference in her time of need.

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