Unique Valentine Day Gift - Finally On Time

by Vaid
(Pemberton, NJ, USA)

Black Picador Pocket Watch

Black Picador Pocket Watch

Black Picador Pocket Watch Black Picador Pocket Watch

Here's a Unique Valentine Day Gift that was special by the fact that it the receiver had no idea that he was going to receive it. He'd mentioned something in passing month's before Valentines Day and didn't think much about it. It turns out that his love made a lot out of it by listening and remembering it. Here's the story...

"It's amazing how someone who cares about you doesn't have to ask what you want as a gift. They listen to something and remember for months or years.

She knew from the very beginning of our relationship that I did not like to wear wrist watches because the feeling of the weight on my wrist was irritable.

She also knew that if I did not have the capability to check my phone, I would be asking her the time constantly.

She always commented on my being slightly late for events. I was aware of all of these things that she knew.

I was not aware that she had remembered me saying I had always wanted a pocket watch. It had been months since I said it.

It was a brief comment and I'm sure I didn't even remember saying it five minutes later. She did, though.

The pocket watch I got for Valentine's Day was beautifully crafted. It fit perfectly into my pocket without being bulky.

It was the perfect gift. I was so happy, but not about getting a pocket watch. I could have gone my whole life without having a pocket watch and I would have never ben aware that it was a perfect fit for me.

The real gift, though, was having someone in my life that cared enough about me to remember such a small detail. Her caring about making me happy (and on time) was the greatest Valentine's Day present I could have wanted."

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