Video Game Love Letter

by Boo
(Little Rock)

Beloved; I remember the first day we met. I talked and talked and talked to you as we walked to the activity bazaar. You were so shy. I had no idea then that I'd be falling in love with you.

We joined forces in an epic way, through seizing and pillaging the banners from the other colleges. You were still quite quiet, but that wouldn't last for long.

We quickly became best friends. We would get together every night and play Mario Kart or Mario Party. (Boo still beats Yoshi any day!) You were always there to listen to my complaints and help me out in hard spots.

It wasn't until I had to spend a whole year away from you that I realized how much you truly met to me. You sent me the link to the Mario Party Love Song and that was the moment that I knew I liked you as more that just a friend. (There goes Nintendo again, always bringing us together.)

I'm going to see you again finally in two weeks! I wish either of us had enough guts to make the first move. So I'm going to say now what we've both been feeling for a while. I love you. I will always love you. And I'll slaughter you in Mario Party, just like I always do!


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