We Clicked - Just Like That

Sunsets Are Lovelier When We're Together

Sunsets Are Lovelier When We're Together

"I always thought of myself as complete already, but then you came along and filled a gap I didn't even know existed - until I met you." The prose in this love letter just might surprise you. It sure did me! Enjoy!


Remember the first time we met? I knew we were in for something special. My life was complicated and I was unhappy.

And you? You were a spark of joy that illuminated my future and just like that I was looking forward to things to come. You understood me...we clicked.

Now? You comfort me when I need it, cherish me in ways no one else ever has, and though I never thought of myself as a woman who needs protecting you make me feel safe and loved; needed and adored, too.

Sometimes when I see you looking at me I'm startled, stunned even - because there's no one else who gets to be on the other end of that expression of adoration.

Until I met you I thought love was something I'd maybe find later in life...and that was in I was lucky. And now it's here with you...right here, right now.

And while I never imagined I'd meet it when out on a walk, or that it would be this intense, I am appreciative and very thankful.

Thank you for your kindness, generosity and warm heart during stark days.


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