Welcome Discount for New Enterprise

A Welcome Discount for New Enterprise sample letter – Why would I need this letter, you might ask. Well, who doesn’t like a discount? 

If a fair discount will get customers to choose your business over your competitors for wares or services, why would it not also work for businesses? 

It will! 

This letter gives a warm welcome to new and upcoming businesses that are preparing to open their doors to the consumer public. 

In this phase they will be looking to establish connections with local business. 

If you offer your services at a discount price, how likely do you think they are to choose you from amongst your comrades…….think it over, and in the meantime try this sample letter out.



Please accept our congratulations and best wishes for your success in your new enterprise.

Our purpose in writing this letter is to welcome you to the community and familiarize you with our service.

We provide [service] to many small businesses in the area and will be happy to arrange to have one of our sales representatives call on you at your convenience, if you so desire.

As our way of welcoming you, we have enclosed a certificate which entitles you to a ten (10%) discount on your first order placed with our firm.

We will look forward to seeing you.

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