Welcome to New Tenants

Now here’s a courtesy that has slightly gone by the wayside, a Welcome to New Tenants letter.  Curious that a greeting so simple and in no way time 

consuming is often forgotten with the landlords of today.

This sample letter is the perfect remedy for such negligence. 

It isn’t long or elaborate. 

But hey, you’re not trying to persuade them to renting anything - they already are! 

Nor are you informing tenants on elaborate policies and regulations of the rental space, that’s for another time and letter. 

No, this is just a nice little welcome note that can be stuffed in their mailbox or taped upon their door.  Simple, but potentially powerful. 

Never underestimate the power of consideration to motivate loyalty and prompt correspondence in people. 

Try it out!


Dear _______,

It is our pleasure to welcome you as new tenants of [name] Apartments.

We hope that you will avail yourselves of the amenities that we offer including the swimming pool, sauna room, gymnasium and tennis court.

We request that your guests use our guest parking area in order to avoid any inconvenience to the other tenants.

Thank you for selecting the [name of apartment] and we sincerely hope that you find your new home comfortable and enjoyable.  If we can be of any assistance to you, please let us know.

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