What a Party!

by Justin

Necklaces & Silly String

Necklaces & Silly String

So this previous year of 2010 was a wild one. After spending Christmas for a nice chunk of time with the family, New Years was right around the corner. I was hosting a party for some friends that live around the sub-division, including my girlfriend, of course. So that New Years Eve day, I woke up early in the morning to prepare for a big day. I was excited to party, and excited to count down once again. My mom had a party of her own above us. My party was in the basement. I spend like 200 dollars on food and drinks and wine. I was all set up and ready to party. Everybody came over at about 2pm. And we had nothing to do, so we whipped out the Wii and started playing games. We played cards, uno, and played the arcade machines I have in my basement. Around 8pm, we decided that there were too many games played so now it was time to lay down and watch a movie. Instead of one, we watched two movies just to waste time. By the end of the second movie, it was 11:47pm. So close to countdown. I turned on the news and whipped out the silly string. I had about 12 huge cans of silly string! So here comes the countdown! After counting down and hearing the ball explode, silly string was the only thing in sight. There was string sticking to walls, furniture, and faces! But, the best part of the new year, I hugged my girlfriend, looked her in the eyes, kissed her and told her I loved her. And then I pulled out the necklace and put it around her neck. It was a dogtag with my name on it. I had one too, but I had to take it off because you couldn't see it under any of the silly string. It was a great night! It was the best new years! It was a great party to kick off 2011!

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