What I See

Words can not express the feeling that I get when I see you each day. It feels like a gentle soothing warmth, the kind that you get from lying out in the sun in the afternoon, that spreads from my chest to my toes, then returns to my face and renders me incapable of speech.

Your bright blue eyes captivate me and draw me in, the rest of the world fading away to insignificance when I look at you. Your voice is as soft as honey, and soothes whatever worries I have away.

I could listen to you speak about anything, from your favourite childhood memory to your thoughts on world politics, and then listen to exactly the same words over and over with as much interest and enthusiasm as the first time that you spoke them.

When you move, you’re as graceful as a gazelle, quick and lithe. The way that your muscles move together under your soft supple skin make me want to reach and touch you.

Your skin is as soft as a peach, and the more time I spend with you, the more intricate it seems to become.

I adore your freckles, even though you hate them, and I hope that as time goes on that you’ll see how they draw attention to your face and your graceful limbs as I do.

All this is just what everyone else sees from the outside. What they don’t see, is your internal beauty. When you find something funny, it plays around your face for hours beyond your initial laughter, as you replay the comment or incident around in your mind.

Your enthusiasm is infectious, and it makes any idea, no matter how ridiculous, a real possibility. Just being with you opens the door to a whole of new possibilities, a whole different way of living.

You take opportunities that no-one else sees, and drag those close to you along with you for the adventure. On the flip side, you read so much it’s unreal, you know so much about everything and know just how to explain things to people.

I could talk with you for hours, days, years without once repeating a conversation. Let’s hope for more adventures together, more stories together, just more time together.

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Ahh. What a Sweet Love Letter!
by: Lanard

It really is! "Your bright blue eyes captivate me"; "Your voice is as soft as honey"; "You?re as graceful as a gazelle, quick and lithe"; "I adore your freckles...they draw attention to your face and your graceful limbs".

Read the rest of it for yourself!

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