What is Love?

by Claudia Dobson-Largie
(Atlanta, GA)

What is love? Love is the feeling that I get when I hear your voice or see your smiling face. Your voice warms my heart and makes my head giddy with delight. Your smile brightens my day and assures me that I am safe in your presence.

When we are apart, I look for things that remind me of you. I watch your favorite movie and pretend that you’re watching it with me. I cook the foods that you love and set the table for two, although I know I’ll be dining alone.

I feel a spiritual connection to you. I am convinced that you were put here on earth just for me. When I look into your eyes, I see not only your soul but also the bond that forever ties us together. They way you look at me, tells me that you feel the same connection.

Many are envious of the love we share for each other. If we could bottle our love and sell it, the cost would be priceless. Although we don’t always see eye to eye, I’ve never fallen out of love with you. I hope that as we grow old together we’ll still hold hands like teenagers in love.

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