Withdrawal of Credit on Past Due Account

A sample Withdrawal of Credit on Past Due Account letter - You’ve made numerous calls, sent a bundle of letters, you have even gone green and sent

notifying emails, but to no avail. 

Whatever the reasons may be, the account holder has not been able to keep up with the payments for their account. 

This sample letter addresses the lag in payments with a very soft inquiry of the reasoning behind such a lag. 

More importantly, this letter informs the account holder of the necessary actions taken with their account. 

There isn’t much fun about this letter, but so few things are in business. 

What IS in this letter is an appeal for payment or the credit line will be canceled.


Dear __________,

Your file was just placed on my desk for disposition.  It seems that your account is seriously past due.  We have valued your business for many years, and can only hope that this lack of payment is only an error or an oversight. 

If you have mailed your check, thank you.  If not, please advise this office if any discrepancy exists.  I have reviewed the account, and feel I must advise the management to cancel existing credit lines unless payment is received within ten days.

I understand that you have had problems lately, and feel that we have been most accommodating.  Accordingly, I will expect your check no later than


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