Words of Condolence - Simple, Yet Powerfully Comforting!

Words of Condolence appear to come easy for some people; seemingly, they always know exactly what to say.  As for me, I sometimes grow silent

and come off as aloof, and/or uncaring. 

Then, one day, I discovered their secret; some has 1) found a few web pages like this one for quick reference when needed... and 2) committed some of their favorite words, sayings and phrases to memory.  Like the the words, sentiments and phrases below.  

They're simple enough to memorize for when you need them... and with them you, too, be one of those people who always have the right words to comfort friends and family dealing with the loss of loved ones.  Here they are.  Enjoy!

All Occasion Words of Condolence

  • Our loved ones may be gone, but our love for them endures forever.

  • You are in my thoughts during this sad time and my prayers go out to you and your family.

  • Although we're now apart, you will always be in my heart.

  • You can lose those you love, but always keep them close to you in your heart. 

  • I will always treasure my time spent with ________ and know you will, too. It was an honor to know him. Please accept our heartfelt sympathy.

  • When your days get bluer than they should be take a moment and lift your eyes towards heaven. There, may you find calm, peace and tranquility.

  • The clouds may have blurred your path, but don’t lose hope. The sun will shine again.  

  • My heart goes out to you and your family during these tough times.
  • We send you our condolences and prayers for your loss.

  • Our deepest sympathy for you. Know that we are thinking of you.

  • We offer our humble condolences for your loss, and wish to remind you that there is still plenty of love surrounding you.

  •  Remember that even if the hardest of times, light and love still shine down upon you. I'd like to offer you my condolences, sympathy, and prayers and to remind you that I am always here for you.

  •  I'm very sorry to hear of your troubled times, and offer from the bottom of my heard the deepest condolences.

  •  I offer you my condolences and extend a hand of friendship and comfort, available whenever you need it.

  • All of us in the family would like to offer both our sympathies and help to you should you need it.

  • I was deeply saddened to learn of your loss, and offer my condolences to you and your family during this tragic time. 

  • In your time of grief there are few words I can say that will help you feel any different, but please know that you are loved, thought of and being prayed for by my family, many of your loved ones and me. In God's time may you find the understanding, love and wisdom that you need to move forward, move on, and find your smile once again.  

Words of Condolence re Loss of A Mother

Condolences Loss of Mother

  • Mothers never really leave us, they just hold our place in line at the gates of Heaven. Though your mother was called by God, she will never leave you. Deepest condolences.

  • Though we may not have talked in a long time, know you and your family were never far from my heart. My condolences on the loss of your mother.

  • Wishing you and your family peace after the passing of your mother.

  • From our family to yours, we offer prayers during the difficult loss of your mother.

  • Know that you are not alone in the loss of your mother. We miss her too, but will always find joy when we reflect on good she was my family and me.

  • Though you have lost your mother she lives through you and your children.

  • May you find the same peace during your bereavement that you once felt in your mother's arms.

  • The loss of a parent is a deeply unsettling experience, but through this we are here to assist however we can.

  •  No one can know when they will be called home, only that they were loved. So sorry to hear of the loss of your mother.

  • A mother is an angel that God has sent down to watch over her children when he can’t be there to stand beside them. Even though you have lost your mother’s presence beside you, she will always be with you.

  • It is hard to lose your mom. Just remember that you will be able to hug her neck again when you meet her in heaven.   My favorite hand to hold has always been my mother’s. Now I know that even if I don’t feel it, she will be holding my hand every step of the way.  

  • It is hard to lose your mom. No one has ever carried you quite as far as your mother has, and no one ever will. She is still carrying you even if you can’t see her anymore.  

  • There is no way to soothe the broken heart due to the passing of a mother, a person you ran to when your heart needed soothing, or a shoulder to cry on when you couldn’t hold hold back tears in anymore. Thinking of you during your time of grief and I am available when you need me.     

  • One day when you go to heaven your mother will be there to welcome you with open arms. She is just getting there early so that she can get your room ready for you.  

  • Even if you can’t see your mom anymore, she is still following you around. She is probably nagging at you to tuck your shirt in and wipe your face off right now.  

  • Your mom may have died, but never her love for her children. She will love you until the sun burns out, and even more after that.  

  • Your mother was a jewel, a rare gemstone to be treasured forever.

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