Words of Sympathy -
Comfort and Encourage Family & Friends

Words of Sympathy are extended in a variety of ways - as poems, letters, phrases, poetry, etc.; and serve to overcome feelings of sadness, depression, grieving, loneliness and disappointment.

Has anyone you ever dearly loved die suddenly and unexpectedly, catching you totally off guard? Or, perhaps you know someone who was the picture of health who suddenly became ill and bedridden.

If so you know how depressed, lonely and alone you can feel. Were condolences and other expressions words of comfort and sympathy helpful? Probably. So, wouldn't it be nice to pay things forward by offering them words of comfort? Try these!

Words of Sympathy - Sample Sayings

Words of Sympathy and Encouragement. These phrases will empower you to offer comforting support with little worry about saying something inappropriate and/or insensitive. Plus, there's a surprise or two that will have you saying..."what a great idea!"

Sympathy Words of Comfort."She may be gone, but she left behind more than a lifetime's worth of love for each and everyone of us, and it's a love we will keep with us and cherish as our own" is one of ten sympathy sayings and/or verses. Read the other nine now.

Inspirational Words of Sympathy. This small collection of sayings serves up some sympathy wording that is off the beaten track. You might like some of it and then again you might not. Still, they're worth checking out.

More Sympathy Sayings and Words To Consider

You probably thought that I was done, but here are some more words and sayings to consider.

Sympathy Card Messages 
Sympathy Card Messages. There is no relationship as special as the one between mother and child. Even in the absence of one or the other, the bond …

Sympathy Quotes 
Sympathy Quotes. Below are sample sympathy sayings ready to be used in letters, notes, cards and email and text messages. Links at the bottom of …

Sympathy Messages 
Need Sympathy Messages? When death comes, as it does to all of us, we sometimes struggle to convey meaningful words that effectively console friends …

Words of Comfort For Sympathy 
The following Words of Comfort For Sympathy, a poem, are at once deep and full of heartfelt loss for the life of a person passed... and a celebration …

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