Words To Express Sympathy

Words To Express Sympathy -when you need them you need them fast and the last thing you want to do is say something shallow, or insensitive...even if you have the best intentions.

That's where this page comes in handy. It has helpful phrases for when you need them the most. 

All of them are totally unique to By The Letter and are not found anywhere else on the internet.If they are and you encounter them please let me know.

Finally, in instances where phrases contain a person's name you can replace it with the name of the person you'll be expressing your sympathies towards. Here are the sympathy expressions:


I am so sorry for your loss...
and hope that God's love will
shelter and comfort you during this time.

May Marcie's memory be kept alive
by the memories you created together.
And although your time together on this
earth was very short, you can look forward
to the day of being reunited in God's kingdom.

May hope, love and courage be
your guide during this time of loss...
and that your sorrow be replaced with comfort,
knowing your loved one is in God's kingdom.

Use God's love as a light and it will
guide you through the dark times.

Sue will live in your mind,
body and soul forever;
never to be forgotten.

Remember this is a momentary separation.
In the end we will all live together,
protected by God's love... in paradise.

May friendship be a blanket of comfort
for you and your loved ones during this time:
you are in our prayers.

Here are some more Words To Express Sympathy

You are always there to support others, but now it's time to let your friends support you. So, please call us any time about anything.

Mary knew how much you cared and the pain you're feeling now is the proof it. You were strong and caring, now let us be your strength and care for you.

The greatest gift you gave was yourself. Your love gave him/her the strength to let go. It is hard now, but think of it as a new beginning, a transition from one phase of life to the next.

Don't be afraid to let others support you. Anyone would be proud to be there for you now, as you have always been for them.

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