Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Chocolates are fine, and roses are nice, but I wanted to give my boyfriend something different for our first Valentine’s Day together. I scoured the internet and searched the mall from high to low, but still nothing could be found that expressed how I truly felt about him.

This wasn’t an ordinary relationship, this was THE relationship. We’d only been together for eight months but already I knew, perhaps before he did, that I was going to marry him someday.

So flowers, which would be dead in a few days, just wouldn’t cut it. Dejected, I was about to leave the mall when I saw a young mom with her giggling kids in tow, walking out of the portrait studio.

They were gushing about the pictures they’d just had done for their dad. The mom mentioned that she had one of just her alone taken.

Bingo! I would get my boyfriend a special portrait of myself so he would always remember our first Valentine’s Day together.

I dashed up to the department store and picked out a sexy new outfit, and freshened up my lipstick in the ladies room. Then I headed back down to the portrait studio and requested a portrait package.

I told the photographer that I wanted to look sexy but classy. I wanted a picture that we could look back on together for years, one that we could share with our families and future children proudly.

Click, click, click. The photographer snapped away and 20 minutes later, my photos were ready. I was thrilled with the results.

I purchased a special silver heart frame and wrapped up the gift for my boyfriend. His face lit up when he saw the picture, and for awhile it stayed on his desk at work.

These days that picture sits on our mantle, where we, along with our two children, see it every day.

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