Write Character Reference Letter

Write Character Reference Letter.  A character reference is also called a personal reference and a personal recommendation.

Write Character Reference Letter

And although it can come from someone in the workplace it is generally written by someone who's more of a friend than a boss. And the best way to write one comes down to three things in the following order;

  1. Find a template letter like this one and follow it step by step.  It's kind of like painting by numbers.  If you can follow directions you'll end up with a great letter.

  2. Find a letter, like the one below, that was written from the template and mentioned above, and although it's not as informative as the template guide you can intuit what to write by copying it.  Think of it as a drawing a picture by tracing it - you've done that before...right? 

  3. Finally, there's the slow way...which is to rely on the strength of your writing skills and and time dedicated to writing one without the use of a template or sample letter. But that's why you're here reading this page right now. You don't want to do it the slow, difficult way.

So, I told you how to find a good template (see above) and now is a good time to read a sample letter written from a template. Hope you find it to be helpful.

Sample Character Reference Letter

To whom it may concern;

Please let this letter serve as a character reference for [name], who I've known for nearly fifteen years. During that time he has always stood out as being of high morals and sound character.

[name] is fair minded, kind and considerate. He works with people in needing assistance in improving the quality of their lives and is a strong advocate of their rights, even when it may not be popular to do so. He consistently makes the right but sometimes hard decisions to protect their interests.

In this regard [name] is a skilled communicator, both verbal and written. In fact, he's one of those rare people who can interact with anybody about anything, and is as effective communicating with high school dropouts as he is with judges, lawyers, physicians and other professionals.

Finally, [name] is ambitious, courteous, self- initiating and in general a wonderful person to know and it is my distinct pleasure to provide you with this character reference letter.



[your name]

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