Written Reprimand

When verbal warnings just don’t seem to get through, a Written Reprimand sample letter such as this template might be just the reality 

check your employee may need.

These days steady employment is nothing to sneeze at.   

Most employees are appreciative of the fortune and will do whatever it may take in order to keep their jobs. 

Some, however, just don’t get it. 

Feel like your heart-to-heart chit-chats in the office are getting you nowhere but frustration-ville? 

Not to worry, verbal warnings aren’t always taken seriously, but written documentation has a way of making the point stick. 

Take a deep breath and then take the next step.  Use this template to truly drive home your dissatisfaction.


Dear ___________,

 [name] , one of our customers, called my office today to inform me that he had been treated in an extremely discourteous manner by you.

He was referring to a telephone call which took place on [date]   wherein he claims that you stated that you were too busy to find the answer to his question at that time and you seemed totally indifferent to his problem.

This is, of course, completely against our policy, which is to make every attempt to please and keep our customers content.  Without customers, we have no company.

I would like you to find the source of the problem in this account, call [name] with the information he ha requested, and offer an apology.


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