Yes I Will Marry You

Yes, I Will Marry You, of our Sample Love Letters Set,  was written by Swati, of Bangalore.  Seems like he succeeded in capturing the heart of

Yes, I Will Marry You - From Sample Love Letters

the woman he loved. Below is what she had to say about it.

Beloved; yesterday was the most beautiful, romantic and memorable day of my life. Yesterday was the day that brought me closer to my dreams. When I say closer it is because there is so much more I dream about having.

When I think about yesterday it makes me cry and feel like the most special and beautiful girl in the whole world. I feel so happy and am proud to accept your proposal for marriage.

You cannot understand how I feel after the way and style in which you proposed to me. Your going down on your knees with the ring and the words in the sky at the same time are like a drug on my senses. Yes, my dear, I will marry you.

Now all I am able to think of is you waiting for me and me walking down to you in my whites. I have already started planning on something very very special for our special night.

My love, I cannot wait to be one with you and have already started dreaming about how our babies will be, and when they will come, or about how you will hold our child in your arms. I am waiting eagerly to get closest to our dreams.

Love brought us happiness and marriage will bring us the heavens.

Yours Forever and Ever,

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