Zach -Thanks For Being There For Me; A Very Personal Thank You Letter Sample

by Callie
(Birmingham, Alabama, USA)

Want to read a very Personal Thank You Letter Sample? This one is about meeting the love of my life. Enjoy!

Dear Zach,

I have always thought I would be like the old lady with a ton of cats who lived all alone. I didn't think that I would find anyone to love and then have them love me back. And then I met you.

When I cry you hold me. When I am happy you are excited with me. When things are going less than perfectly you always stand by my side. You have no idea how good it feels to have someone.

Now were expecting our first child, a daughter. I thought I would never have children despite wanting at least one. The feeling of having a family is amazing. I always know that I have someone who loves me. That is the greatest gift anyone could ever give.

Thank you for being there for me and being by by side no...matter what.

I love you.

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Love Is A Sweet Thing - Even When It's Powerful and Consuming
by: Lanard

I read this letter from time to time and every time I do it brings me to near tears; not because it makes me sad, but because I get in touch with the power of love and I am reminded of past and present ones.

I suck as a poet, but do fancy myself as a fairly good musician and relate to your sweet words of love to the sounds that come out of my horn as being very similar to one another...notes that come straight from the depths of my inner being.

Your words take me to that place where I like to be...and it is always too soon that I find it time to move on again. Until the next time. Lanard

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